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Diamonds are a girl's best friend, especially if you get the price for them when you sell them Like precious metals, diamonds hold their value and can, in many cases, increase in value too, meaning you can get more cash for diamonds when you sell.
Why sell diamonds and jewellery? From diamond rings to earrings, necklaces and diamonds on their own, there comes a time when you may decide to sell. There are many reasons why people choose to do this.
It could be that the pieces are broken or the styling of them considered old fashioned. Rather than spend money have pieces re-designed or repaired, it is not uncommon to realise their value and sell diamonds for cash.  
Getting the best price when selling diamonds To get the best cash price when selling items of jewellery, use our online diamond calculator.
Using the calculator for an estimate of the sale price you’ll get for your diamonds depends on the market value on the day but also the accuracy of the details given;
        Carat weight – firstly, you’ll need the carat weight of the diamond. This will be given on any documentation you have for it.
        Colour grade – all diamonds are given a colour grade from D which is colourless to Z, which is a yellow-coloured diamond. If you are unsure of the colour grade, leave this section. The team on appraising your diamond for sale will give you an accurate colour grading.
        Clarity grade – a clarity of a diamond refers to the natural blemishes and inclusions in the stone itself. The scale runs from FL, flawless, to ‘included’ which means that there are internal inclusions and blemishes to the stone.  
        Shape – from the menu of shapes indicate the one that is most like your diamond.
You’ll then be given an estimated value although this can change once the team assess your diamonds for sale. You could receive a lot more than you think!
Complete the process online You can get the best cash price for diamonds online. All you need to do is request an envelope and mail your diamonds back to us. Insured to a value of £15,000, packages are also tracked so you have no need to worry about loss.
Come into store You can also sell your diamonds for cash at our two London Stores on Edgware Road W2 or Broadway, West Ealing, W13. You’ll need to bring photo id.
How you’ll receive payment
We value your diamonds using the market value on the day your diamonds arrive with us by post or the day you come into store. Value changes daily and we have no idea which way the market will move although the demand for quality diamonds and other precious metals is high.
If you accept our offer, we will pay you via bank transfer on the same day or, if you prefer, we can pay you via cheque.
Why not realise the value of diamond jewellery and other items and sell your diamonds for cash? Use the online calculator to find out more.
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9 Carat - £ 15.14 14 Carat - £ 23.61 18 Carat - £ 30.28 21 Carat - £ 35.32 22 Carat - £ 36.98 24 Carat - £ 40.37 Platinum - £ 18.6 Silver - £ 0.35
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